Skottorps Säteri - Harvest time in Halland

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Karl-Johan Gunnarsson

Skottorps Säteri


Just like 200 years ago, it is not a profession to be a farmer in Halland, it is rather a lifestyle. For the Gunnarsson family in Skottorp, that lifestyle is their oxygen. They breathe and live farming. A family that together runs a modern business while managing future generations' land and which complements the large business focuses on small-scale cheese production.

In idyllic Ränneslöv in Laholm municipality, Karl-Johan "Kalle" Gunnarsson was born in 1983. His parents were farmers and Kalle became the oldest of four siblings who together with his father today runs Skottorps manor, a large and modern agricultural company on the march.

"There is a big difference between being a farmer today and when I grew up," says Kalle. "We have rationalized, have more employees and have acquired more farms over the years, we have simply grown," he continues.


The family in the center
Kalle is careful to point out that it is the whole family that runs the company together and all the advantages & disadvantages that come with a family business. He points out with a smile that he is the oldest - but decides the least.

“Jokes aside, working with the family is just the way everyone thinks it is. We all have strong wills but we have so much fun. That is what really drives us, that we have fun and that we are all driven in what we do. The drive drives us, you could probably say ”.

I love the variety and could not have imagined anything else.

Fortunately, the whole family is included. Also for Kalle, who when we talk to, has a three-week-old girl, who with her two older siblings, waiting for him there at home. And it's a special life they live. Maybe a lifestyle rather than a job and he seems to enjoy his busy schedule.

“My days are incredibly varied. Some days you start at two at night when it is spring, other seasons you start at seven. But it's nothing for those who only want to work seven to four. I love the variety and could not have imagined anything else ”.

Sustainable mindsett
Man quickly understands when talking to Kalle that they are enterprising farmers. He is structured and clear when he talks about the business he lives and works in together with his siblings and dad. It is also impossible to avoid the obvious glow that shines through when he talks about the long-term view of what they are doing. Their sustainable way of thinking is perhaps the one that most permeates Skottorp's farm, their employees and what they do every day.

“We live on agriculture and we have to manage it. It would not have worked without being sustainable, this is what we breathe. We are our farm and then you have to think about how to manage the earth, that the animals are well and that we are really passionate about our business ”.

Small-scale dairy
They also do this for the smaller branch of the business that is spelled Skottorp's dairy, they have been part owners of the dairy for several years. Previously they had their own milk production but now all milk is sold to Arla, except the one that is then taken care of for cheese production. Since they are not a selling business by law, it is at Skottorp's dairy that they meet their customers - cattle farmers and people who are passionate about small-scale food production and local produce.

"Since the castle is sold, it is the dairy shop on the farm that attracts people," says Kalle. There are no huge volumes but we work hard and it's tough, but we do not give up. We really believe in what we do ", he continues.

There are no huge volumes but we work hard and it is tough, but we do not give up. We really believe in what we do.

Flavors from Halland
And of course they draw people, Skottorp's dairy. Throughout the year, visitors who buy Skottorp alpost, Skottorp's cream, their popular Port Salut and much more will come and then spread Dutch flavors across the country. What, then, does Kalle Gunnarsson the farmer, Halland perhaps most professionally historically, say about Halland and the family's place on earth?

"Yes, what can one say? The environment we have in Halland, with just the right amount of countryside, city and sea and fast communications where we live in the middle of everything. Also beautiful. We live damn well here quite simply ", he says with a laugh.


"I must say Tiraholm's fish in the hinterland of Halland. There is incredibly nice. And good of course. "

portrait by Alex Bennheden  ALEX BENNHEDEN


Skottorp's estate consists of siblings Karl-Johan, Anna, Elin and Erik as well as their father Lars-Inge Gunnarsson and his partner Monika Andersson. Lars-Inge received the award as the Dairy Farmer of the Year 2017 and Skottorp's dairy is one of many parts of which the Gunnarsson family and their Skottorp farm are involved.

At the moment, the dairy is open Wednesday-Friday but check out their website for safety where they publish current info.

Even on Instagram, they are popular where they are in the account @skottorps_sateri shares a modern farmer's everyday life. Everything from tractors, after work, animal husbandry and beautiful rape pictures.