Harvest plank at Ulvereds Hjorthägn - Harvest time in Halland

Visit Halland follows the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and invites all visitors to do the same.

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Harvest plank

With forest delicacies

Ulvereds Hjorthägn - Animals and nature

Make a nice excursion to Ulvered! Bring family and friends, experience animals and nature. Enjoy a Harvest Plank with all the forest's delicacies and flavors, something that is guaranteed to be a delight for both the eye and the palate. An authentic and different taste experience.

Ulvereds Hjorthägn

Through a purchase of forest in Ulvered, an old forest home from 1860 followed in the management. Beautifully located in the interior of Halland, in a then forgotten part of the county, was seen an opportunity to start something different that no one else has done before. The owner Birger realized a boy's dream by building a deer enclosure and building a farm slaughterhouse. This has meant that Ulvereds Hjorthägn is a local, small-scale wholesale company with sales of deer and game, mainly to restaurants. With great personal commitment and passion for their work, together with their staff, the owner couple can today present a facility where their guests get a holistic experience of animals, nature and food of deer and game.