Press - Harvest time in Halland

Visit Halland follows the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and invites all visitors to do the same.

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When it is time to round off the summer and celebrate the fall, we invite hall dinners to Harvest time in Halland. The festivities take place week after week from August to October and are an arena for producers, processors and meal makers to gather around. Now Harvest Time in Halland is charging for an autumn filled with fine meetings, memorable experiences, knowledge of the food and love for it. For those who want to discover the locally produced offering, it should be easy to find new favorites and it should be easy to find information about all activities with the harvest theme that takes place in Halland.

In 2020, our biggest harvest parties will rest, but there is so much more to discover! Harvest time in Halland tips on farm shops, cafes, restaurants and strawberries. About nature-related courses, tours and activities. With the help of the map, the visitor can see where most of it is and easily create their own road trip!


Contact the project manager Mia Lachmann, Destination Falkenberg for further information or material.


The purpose of Harvest Time in Halland is to inspire even more people to experience Halland during late summer and autumn because that is when we have the best selection and something happens every weekend around food and drink. It is an important investment to put Halland on the food map, both for the Hallänning and for the national and international guest.

Behind Harvest Time in Halland are destinations in Halland in collaboration with Region Halland, LRF, Halland's Matgille and Signed Halland.