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Cecilia & Catharina



From an international life in stressful London to a self-sufficient health center with yoga and pickled vegetables in the interior of Halland. Is it about a fictional feel-good novel about how one should live one's life in 2020? No, that's the true story of the family collective at the idyllic Paulsson Paleo in Simlångsdalen!

PaulssonPaleo trio Cecilia, Catharina and Simon have made a real journey in their lives. Maybe both literally and spiritually. They were born in Stockholm, grew up in the Philippines and Germany, and lived in London as recently as six years ago. Now they live with the sisters' parents and Catharina and Simon's two children on a farm in Simlångsdalen. Cecilia says:

“I was 35 years old, working in the pharmaceutical industry in London and decided to change my diet to LCHF. The more I learned, the better I felt. I realized that our medicines did not address the biggest problem among all welfare diseases, what we eat, how we sleep, walk, stand - yes, everything. ”


Now we are more humble and have realized that this works for us but we do not force our philosophy on others.

Paleo and princess cake

Today, 95-100% of all food cooked on the farm is called Paleo, that is, as close to a Stone Age diet one can come. Without processed food, additives and oddities. Here, locally grassed meat is cooked, mostly from the farm, own and local vegetables and also organic and Swedish to the greatest extent possible.

"We have passed the first phase when we discovered paleo," says Cecilia. When you felt enlightened, you wanted to transform the whole world and were almost militant. Now we are more humble and have realized that this works for us but we do not force our philosophy on others. Nowadays it happens that we eat princess cake when someone turns one year old ", she continues with a laugh.

Trained dietary advisor

How then was that step taken from the LCHF diet in London to running a self-sufficient farm in the middle of nature with B&B, yoga and cooking classes? According to Cecilia, it's all a haze when she looks back on it. But somewhere she felt that what she was doing in the pharmaceutical industry actually went against her own principles and she resigned and moved "home". In Sweden, she trained as a dietician at the Paleo Institute in Stockholm and within a few years, Catharina, Simon and her daughter Tora had also come after. Together they bought the farm in Simlångsdalen with their parents and their business was a fact.


We have an optimistic view of the future, of future generations and people's ways of looking at sustainability.

Powered by sharing

Today they have driven PaulssonPaleo for over five years and everything they do revolves around health. In addition to Cecilia being a dietary advisor and holding sauerkraut courses, Catharina is in charge of yoga and vegetable cultivation while Simon is a trained running coach. People come from all over the country for recovery at PaulssonPaleo and their pigs, sheep, rabbits, vegetable land and wonderful Dutch inland views. In the middle of the idyll, they also collaborate with other players in Simlångsdalen who add another dimension to their business. The guests of the farm can, for example, rent a mountain bike or paddle in the nearby lake.

"We are so lucky that we ended up here," says Catharina. “Here are high-profile companies in the tourism industry and a very active network. Both older people and newly moved young couples live here. ” Cecilia fills in:
“We are driven to share what we have learned. The feeling when a customer, who may have had a stomach ache or slept badly for many years, comes back after a date and already feels better is completely unbeatable. ”

Hopeful future

The 6-7 beds offered at the farm's small B&B mean that PaulssonPaleo also does well in corona times. They have an optimistic view of the future, future generations and people's views on sustainability - partly thanks to the virus.

"With the virus, people have shown that they can quickly change their lifestyle," says Cecilia. “There is a great interest in growing and from their own cultivation people learn how to carrots and strawberries ska taste. Hopefully we will learn to take care of our lands in a sustainable way and perhaps to a greater extent choose to recover in Sweden in the future, ”she continues.


"Lindas Ekocafé housed in a slightly crazy decorated barn just outside Halmstad, where we like to go to enjoy pastries and salads. Linda always has great alternatives for us who like to avoid flour and sugar, in addition, everything is organic and locally grown as much as possible! ”

portrait by Alex Bennheden  ALEX BENNHEDEN


PaulssonPaleo trio with family run the self-sufficient PaulssonPaleo Health Center in Simångsdalen.

In addition to their activities on the farm, they sell e.g. pickled vegetables at Reko-Ringar in Halland. Their B&B, fermentation and yoga classes etc. are open for booking - more info on their website or follow the Instagram account @paulssonpaleo