Beer tasting Halmstad Brygghus - Harvest time in Halland

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Beer tasting

Halmstad Brewery

BEER TASTING Halmstad brewery

Welcome to a beer tasting with an accompanying tour of the brewery! We start with a tour and then take a seat in our tasting room.

We will go through a selection of our good beers and will also in connection with this have the opportunity to taste and smell the ingredients used in the brewing.

There you will also be given the opportunity to take part in the history behind some of today's popular beer styles and get inspiration about the type of food that suits these styles. A test for everyone simply.


Halmstad Brygghus was founded in 2013 by Daniel and Andreas who have known each other since their studies at Halmstad University.

On 26 August 2015, the first brew was brewed at the new brewery and now the brewery is housed in large, fresh premises where production capacity has increased significantly since the boiler room where everything once started.