Lis Dairy - Harvest time in Halland

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Johan & Rina

Lis Dairy

A hidden food celebration!

They are open at regular and uneven intervals, the home hooker Lis Dairy. Those who cook for guests to talk about for generations. We made a visit to one of those occasions and met housewife Johan Blidberg and host Rina Ratell who share her place on earth to her guests.

On a country road just outside Falkenberg lies the old dairy. The eye-catching and wonderful stone house stands out with its cargo dock and its old, very beautiful blue doors. A lush garden with beautiful greenery frames the rural idyll. If you let your eyes wander over the surroundings, you can see mostly only fields and meadows. Maybe the very image of Halland.

Here Johan Blidberg and Rina Ratell have lived for almost seven years. The chef from Holsjunga and the broker from Varberg who started a home restaurant in Falkenberg have become celebrities in culinary circles in Sweden. Not least since Johan starred in the Dessermästarna on channel 5 and they both got married in Mys Wedding in TV4, but maybe especially for what they actually do inside and outside those beautiful blue doors.

"In 2013, we became new lovers in both each other and the house," says Johan. “We spontaneously bought it on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in August and moved in on a rainy November morning. Quite exactly two years later, the first guests had eaten their fill inside our giant granite walls, ”he continues.


Love to have stranger
As they themselves describe it, they are open at regular and uneven intervals. In the garden, chickens, the red-white cat Stålman and a natural-sized plastic cow with long-distance and short-distance guests gather. Rina tells us.

“With us, you really come home to us, so then we have a plan for how it will go, just like when other people come home to other people. At 19.00 we want you to be on site and often we start with something refreshing to drink in the garden. Then we go in and eat at the same time. Because we like togetherness and love to have strangers. ”

What, then, is the advantage of having a so-called home pub?

“Among other things, that there are only 19 steps to the job. No traffic jams in the morning. As the maximum queue for toothbrushing. We are together the whole family in the same house even when working. If the children play upstairs where we live, Dad hears it downstairs in the kitchen when he is cranking in the pots. Lifestyle. ”

We like the partnership and love to have strangers.

Fine menus
The dining room itself is largely intact from the old dairy era. Tiled walls, high ceilings and brackets from the dairy's old belt drive are still in the ceiling. The tables are beautiful, rustic surfaced and plates, candles, mannequins, cutlery and glass are mixed in a refreshing variety. The thick glass panes create a dreamy light and here is so high in ceilings that it feels like sitting outdoors. On the tables is the evening menu. Five dishes will be served which are written down with a lot of finesse and well chosen words.


"We ourselves think that curiosity in food is a thunder spice," says Johan. “If it says on the menu that you should get meat, sauce and potatoes, you do not fall directly off the chair when you get a plate of meat, sauce and potatoes. But if, for example, this summer at Lis Dairy you get to taste Bygdens Stolthet, Kurt, Fredagsmys and Ram. Yes, then you get curious, don't you? ”He continues.

We think that curiosity in food is a thunderstorm.

Bergochdalbane-like dining experience
The food served stands out. It is incredibly well made and things taste like totally different things, creating almost a roller coaster-like dining experience. Chef Johan, or housewife as he calls himself, develops their thoughts when it comes to food.

“We have always been jealous of those stories people tell when they have been on holiday. That they came to a small village after some forest by some mountain where there was a small restaurant where an old lady cooked on ingredients according to family recipes and it is so heavenly good that food can only be in the imagination really. We want people to tell such stories about our food, because we want the food to be so good that you send postcards about it. ”


According to Johan, menu creation often starts with a food memory from when you were little or from a holiday and then it is turned and twisted and tasted so that it should taste so much that the guests almost also remember his memory.

"The most important thing, however, is always that it is tastier than almost all other food and that it is fun and that it is based on raw materials from the same area code as us, preferably postcodes, but the same landscape is also okay," adds Rina.

According to Johan, menu creation often begins with a food memory from when you were little or from a holiday…


Music for the food
Guests notice when it's time for a new dish. All parties are served at the same time and we are offered a huge music spread at each presentation.

“We want food to play the main role with us, but we believe that you need a little help on the stack to open your minds. We like to add a soundtrack to our dishes or do something else ingeniously inventive so the food will be remembered in more senses, because a good sauce everyone has eaten, everyone may not even remember, but we want you to remember exactly our sauce and then talk about it for generations. ”

Suddenly the music is raised again. Vanilla Ice reports "Ice, ice baby". The last dish to be served for the evening before it's time for coffee and cake is an ice-cold, heavy dish. Just as it is set down, the housewife comes and pours down a running ice cream batter with the instruction "Start whipping and it will be ice cream soon!". The blue doors have been opened and outside the warm, hospitable home-made kitchen, it smells of sommer in Halland. We feel right there exactly as Rina and Johan hope their guests will feel. “First and foremost, you have to be very happy, satisfied and happy. I would also like a bit of a freak because it has happened so very good, good and fun stuff in such a short time. "

We want you to remember exactly our sauce and then talk about it for generations.

Lis Dairy continues to be open at regular and uneven intervals. Even in the fall. Rina says about the future.

“The old house Lis Mejeri, which is only getting older and older, will continue to be like a curious teenager who likes new antics and adventures. We intend to continue to maximize the food experience and constantly take the food festival Lis Mejeri right into the future. ”


If you have a baked bread in the morning, you always feel rich! & in Halland we have world-class bakeries. If you are in the south, you go to Feldt Bread & Confectionery in Halmstad. If you are in the north you should within Niklas on Seaside bakery in Varberg and grab something good with you. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle of Halland you are always close by Solhaga Stone oven bakery in Slöinge, and if you are heading for our inland, you bounce inside AVE Culture in purple Fridhemsberg. Hello lovely Halland!

portrait by Alex Bennheden  ALEX BENNHEDEN

ABOUT Lis Dairy

At the home restaurant Lis Mejeri in Stafsinge just outside Falkenberg, food is prepared that according to Johan is "as good as we can, with ingredients that are as good as we can find". Real food and really good food are prepared here with finesse on local ingredients, and there is always a 5-course menu served. Keep track of their social media where they write about their opening hours.

Lis Dairy shares both everyday and party on the Instagram account @lismejeri