Visit Halland follows the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and invites all visitors to do the same.

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It is in our Dutch genes - to want to create food of the best kind. We are many who look forward to the time throughout the year when we can harvest and refine what we sow. Now we want you to discover the many Dutch farm shops that are filled to the brim of the season's harvest. We want you to experience the restaurants that create magic with raw materials from the area.

Whenever you visit us, from August to October, we promise you that there are experiences for all your senses. We want to give you dining experiences, festivals and markets, with close to laughter and genuine meetings. We want to share our knowledge and invite you to activities where we explore food crafts together. It is easy to enjoy life during Harvest Time in Halland.

Welcome here!







Getting close to the Dutch food is also getting close to those who give it love and care, which makes it just as wonderfully good. Here you will meet some of our Dutch friends who, with a passion for genuine goods and genuine experiences, want to invite you home!

Lis Dairy

They are open at regular and uneven intervals, the home hooker Lis Dairy. They cook food that guests will talk about for generations. We made a visit and met housewife Johan Blidberg and host Rina Ratell who share their place on earth to their guests.

Seaside bakery

He has left Varberg and come back. The chef who chose to spread freshly baked scent over Varberg harbor. We met Niklas Gustafsson at the Coast Bakery and talked about his love for ports, how close everything is in Halland and why Varberg is so fantastic in the autumn.

Skottorps Säteri

Dutch agriculture is not a profession, it is a lifestyle. For the Gunnarsson family in Skottorp, that lifestyle is their oxygen. They breathe and live farming and also produce tasty cheese from the milk from the farm's very own dairy.


From a stressful London life to a self-sufficient health farm with yoga and acidic vegetables in the Dutch hinterland. Is it about a feel-good novel about how to live your life? No, this is the story of the family collective at PaulssonPaleo in Simlångsdalen!

This year is a strange year. We will not be able to carry out all the festivities we had envisioned. But the earth we nurture as usual and recover the harvest. We fill up in our farm shops and it is cooked in our restaurants. The aroma of fresh baked goods spreads from the cafes just as before. In smaller groups we can also arrange courses or activities. So welcome here you who are well-heeled and get - for eating you should as you know!

Self-picking of pumpkins

Go out into the cultivation and choose your pumpkins to take home with you.

Apple Week at Hafi - 1-5 sep

Time for the apple theme in Hafi's newly opened café and they offer both tasting of apple products and sale of apple trees.

Acid in Simlångsdalen - Sep 27

Join us on a food adventure that does both body and bud well! Come home to PaulssonPaleo and learn all about why and how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass and kombucha.

From Seed to Vas - 12 Aug

A full day dedicated to flower binding and cultivation. Suitable for both experienced and beginners. For anyone who wants to know more about growing and bonding in season.

Food Walk - Aug 23

Join us on Food Delight in Halland's immensely popular food walk in beautiful scenery, through open landscapes and green forests.

Taste of Falkenberg - North - Aug 22

Experience a tasty bike ride at a leisurely pace from the center of Falkenberg, along the sea and on to the areas around Olofsbo and Glommen. Along the way you stop at some of the entrepreneurs who have put Falkenberg together on Sweden's food map.

Taste of Falkenberg - south - Aug 22

Experience a tasty bike ride at a leisurely pace from the center of Falkenberg, along the sea and on to the areas around Skrea. Along the way you stop at some of the entrepreneurs who have put Falkenberg together on Sweden's food map.

Guided hike Tångagård - Aug 16

At Tångagård everything is grown in harmony with nature, completely without artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Welcome to follow their guided walks in the farms - like walking in a sea of ​​green!

Susedalsrundan - Aug 29

Here you cycle in a rolling landscape from coast to inland, from farm to farm in an organized round. You get to meet the people behind the local products and hear their story. Taste, shop, socialize and enjoy!

Taste of Tvååker - 15-16 aug

Among our tourist destinations in Tvååker and its surroundings - outside Varberg - you will find everything from rural cafés, restaurants and pubs to gardens and farm shops.